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  • COVID-19 and The Pop Up Deli - January 2021 update

    January 24, 2021 1 min read

    Hello and welcome to 2021.

    As we continue to live through the impact the pandemic has caused, here at The Pop Up Deli, we know from the many feedback emails and product reviews, you have been enjoying how easy we've made getting some of your groceries delivered to you, as well as arranging presents such as gift hampers to get to your loved ones.

    While we continue to expect a long lockdown of some sorts until the Spring and Summer months, we are especially aware of our role to help. 

    We are also aware that there will be a certain number of our customers, both new and existing, that will at some point be self-isolating or, following NHS guidance, will be shielding within their homes.

    From now, until at least March 31st 2021, we would like to offer these customers free standard delivery to help with safely ordering grocery supplies to their door, or to assist with sending their loved ones groceries or presents.

    Certain terms apply, but in short if you feel you qualify for this offer, please get in touch via email.

    Free delivery will be capped for two orders each calendar month and is only valid on UK standard delivery services. No other cash offer is available.

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