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  • Silk Route Sweet Smoked Paprika 75G [WHOLE CASE]

    Smoked paprika has been used for hundreds of years in kitchens around the five continents of the world. So paprika is not just used in Spain, but in cuisines all around the globe, from Asia to America. Silk Route's Spanish Smoked Paprika is, however, a unique and versatile product. It is the secret ingredient in various dishes. It provides flavor, aroma, and color in the kitchen, and it gives the perfect finishing touch to any recipe. Silk Route's Spanish Smoked Paprika is regulated by the Protected Designation of Origin Pimentón de La Vera (Extremadura Region in Spain) and is appreciated worldwide for its uniqueness and culinary properties. Its uses are widespread in international cuisine, but Spanish Smoked Paprika is also known as Spain's ‘Red Gold’ and the ultimate ‘Posh Spice’.. CASE SIZE IS: 6 X 75g

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