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  • Silk Route Giant Whole Black Peppercorns Grinder [WHOLE CASE]

    Each peppercorn in our Black Pepper Grinder has been hand-picked from the uppermost branches of the pepper tree. These high-up, rich and bold black peppercorns are the most developed, sun-ripened and flavorsome berries from the bush. Once picked, they are then dried and graded into sizes before filling our superior Black Pepper Grinders. Chefs from all around the world regard these as premium quality peppercorns and, once you've tried them, you’ll understand why. Silk Route's Black Pepper Grinder is an easy way to add a peppery kick to all of your dishes. It’s the perfect everyday seasoning. Simply grind over meats, vegetables, salads, eggs and much more! We know that black pepper is a staple in any kitchen cupboard, but this doesn’t mean you should settle for any old pepper.. CASE SIZE IS: 6 X 185g

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