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    Potts Jerk Marinating Bag with Rum & Pimenta Allspice (150g)

    Ingredients: Cider Vinegar, Spring Onions, Water, Onions, Dark Rum (4%), Habanero Chilli, Pimenta Allspice (3%), Garlic, Sunflower Oil, Cinnamon, Ginger, Thyme, Salt, Sugar, Nutmeg, Bay Leaves.

    Nutritional Information: Energy (KCal):71, Energy (KJ):298, Fat:4.5g, of which are Saturates:0.8g, Carbohydrates:4.9g, of which are Sugars:4.1g, Fibre:0.0g, Protein:1.5g, Salt:1.8g

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