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    Brussels Sprout Dust

    We have launched our own original Roast range to help create the tastiest Sunday Roast ever! After some research we discovered that there was a sense of tiredness with the traditional Sunday Dinner, so we have decided to liven up some of the trimmings and classic roast dishes. The range includes a Roast Potato Oil, Brussels Sprout Dust, Roast Beef Rub, Pigs in Blankets Dust, Roast Ham Glaze, Roast Turkey Rub, Roast Dinner Dust, Roast Chicken Rub and a British Roast Dinner Box

    Our Brussels Sprout Dust is a unique rub to give some fantastic flavour to those sprouts that no one eats! The rub is easy to use and tastes amazing. You will no longer have any complaints about boring sprouts!!! The Brussels Sprout Dust is apart of our Roast Dinner Box, which has recently won the Gift of the Year, in the Festive & Occasions category. You can find out more about Gift of the Year here.

    How to use:

    Par boil your sprouts

    Cut in half, then finish in pan with some butter and sprinkle over the dust.

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