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  • British BBQ Box

    British BBQ Box

    In the run-up to the upcoming barbecue season we have created a brand new product! The British BBQ Box is the perfect gift for anyone who just loves to barbecue… We wanted to create a product that reflects the glorious barbecue flavours that everyone loves. The box contains our BBQ Oil, BBQ Rub, BBQ Salt and a BBQ Jam.

    The flavours we have used to create this box, stem from the idea of rejuvenating the boring, traditional barbecue food.

    The BBQ Oil –

    The British BBQ Box contains a 250ml bottle of our BBQ Oil. The oil is a Cotswold Rapeseed Oil which has a very high burning point, so can withstand high temperatures, which is perfect for the barbecue. The focus of flavours is Smoked Oil with the addition of smoke and garlic. The aim is to give subtle background notes of barbecue and then building on layers of flavour with the smoke and Garlic. The oil can be used when cooking meat, used as a baste during barbecuing or for a marinade or dressing.

    The BBQ Rub –

    We wanted to create a range of dry rubs to enhance specific meats and give the user a better experience when choosing rubs rather than generic all-purpose rubs. The rub is well balanced with a classic onion, celery base, a bit of heat from the pepper and paprika and fruity notes from the coriander and basil. The rub should be rubbed on the meat at least one hour before cooking but ideally overnight.

    The BBQ Salt –

    Our BBQ Salt original is the perfect enhancement to any meat by building up the flavours at each stage of cooking meat. The salt has won 2 stars at The Great Taste Awards 2017 with the judges commenting that it is perfect for the barbecue season. The salt is a mix of Halen Mon Sea Salt blended with Smoke, Roasted garlic and Charcoal salts.

    BBQ Jam – Smoky Chipotle –

    Our Jams were designed to be used as a condiment or a last minute glaze. The Smoky Chipotle Jam is perfect for beef or as a topping for beef burgers. The jam is also great mixed with sour cream to top a chilli!

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