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    Bottle 'N' Bar Sheep Dip Whisky & Dark Chocolate

    If you're looking for a whisky lover's gift with a difference this Bottle N Bar could be right up your street. At the centre is a 5cl bottle of Sheep Dip blended scotch whisky that can be sipped and enjoyed on it's own or with a mixer. This is then surrounded by a large bar of decadent dark chocolate sprinkled with ginger pieces for a warming, bittersweet and spicy finish.

    This would make the ideal gift for him on Father's Day, or his birthday. Or why not use it to say Thank Your or Well Done to a team member of colleague?

    Handcrafted with care, our finest single-origin Columbian chocolate delivers a superior quality bar made in the UK with a farm to bar ethos and paired with artisan alcohol.  It’s a gift to be savoured, shared and enjoyed.


    Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar Hand Finished With Ginger 150g
     Sheep Dip Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Alc. 40% vol

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