Boska Small Ash Wood Bark Cheese Board

With the Bark Board Ash, you’re adding an awesome eyecatcher to your home. The bark board is made of 100% ash wood. It’ll be the center of attention on your dining table. Your products will look even more delicious on this board. A yummy block of cheese, some Brie, a couple of hors d’oeuvres, and it’s time to dig in! The ash wood cheese board is made of a slice of a tree. This means that each board has a unique shape and size. The board is lacquered, which makes it easy to clean. The polished and lacquered top coating means that odors and bacteria don’t stand a chance on your cheese board. Your favorite cheeses and bites look amazing on this fantastic, natural product. It’ll have your mouth watering in no time! Try presenting the most delicious cheeses at home on this unique bark board!