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Artesa Cheese & Butter Spreader

Enjoy this traditionally-designed butter spreader knife with contemporary brass finish, on any casual or formal cheese board. Welcome the glitter of metallic brilliance to your cheese board, with this luxury spreader knife from Artesà. Effortlessly blending traditional design with contemporary chic, the rounded spreader blade is finished with a fashionable brass coating, for a touch of on-trend luxe that’s guaranteed to shine amongst your beautifully arranged truckles, crackers, fruits, and pickles. The rounded spreading blade means that butter, cream cheeses, and soft cheese varieties such as oven-baked Camembert are no longer too delicate or gloopy to handle when sharing a cheese board. Use the blade to scoop spreads with confidence, and then smear over crisp crackers and pieces of fresh French baguette with true artisanal flair