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Artesa 8.5cm Copper Finish Mini Handled Serving Pot

Create an instant, quirky gastro pub feel at your next dinner party, by serving up delicious dishes using this hammered copper serving pot.  Copper has a warm, vibrant glow that’s sure to light up the room whenever this dish is around It’s reflective, hammered finish lends an quirky, industrial feel and restaurant would envy, complete with contrasting gold coloured handles bolted on to the sides. Practical too, the handles make it easy to move the pan around, so your guests can pass the dish along the table with ease. This 8 cm (3 inch) round dish has high sides, so you can use it to serve up all manner of different nibbles and sides, from nuts and rice, to chips and dips. Give each diner their own hammered copper dish when you’re serving starters or use it to present sides or tapas selections that everyone can share.